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Company Policy

Ace Nottingham Delivery is a Limited developing courier service providing company, based and established in Nottingham providing services to many businesses’ companies and organisations with regards to their daily delivery requirement needs, covering within Nottingham and the surrounding areas – within the East Midlands.

We handle all types of delivery requirements that our broad range of customers require. From legal documents, to general goods, bearing in mind that each consignment cannot weigh more than 25 kg when packed, due to Health and Safety reasons, but the weight can be up to a pallet load.

We ensure full accountability and responsibility for your documents or goods whilst in transit. We deliver your parcels directly from the customer’s collection point, to the destination point. Since the delivery is being delivered within the East Midlands Area  and surrounding areas , your delivery will not go through any depots and neither it will change hands or vehicle until the destination point, where the proof of Delivery Signature is obtained.

This ensures your packages are delivered safely, efficiently and most importantly, they will reach their given destination in time.

At Ace Nottingham Deliveries we are very flexible with our service and customer requirements with regards to booking a delivery. Customers can book the delivery for the same day delivery as well as being able to pre-book the delivery, for collection and delivery for the same day.

We at Ace Nottingham Deliveries take every customer delivery requirement seriously and look at it as priority.


Ace Nottingham Deliveries Limited courier in nottingham 





General Terms & Conditions


1)      Once the order is confirmed and the driver has left, the cancelation cannot take place. If delivery is to be cancelled there will be a cancelation charge which is 50% of invoice amount.

2)      If multidrop delivery, i.e.: same pick up Post Code area ----- the drop offs are in the same post code area. Then its set price + £10 per extra drop.

3)      If a delivery has gone to its destination point and there is a return delivery then the return cost will be at 50%.

4)      If the drop off point area post code is different then pick up area postcode then the price is calculated on Millage.

4a)      - If its above (4) and its multidrop, then 20% discount is available on the Gross-invoice amount.

5)   Upon arrival if the delivery is not ready, then first 15 minutes waiting time is free. Thereafter even 30 minutes will be charged for at £4.50.

6)      Payment methods:

6a.    Contactless: At point of pickup.

6b.    Invoice: Will be raised once delivery is delivered with POD. Payment is to be made within 7 days.

7)      All prices will include VAT + service charge £5.50.

NB - Please Note Individual package cannot weight over 25kg (due to Health & Safety reasons).

i.e.: If total weight is 40 kg then 1St package 25kg(max), 2nd package 15 kg & delivery will be charged by weight.



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Come and Work for Ace Nottingham Deliveries!

We are a growing courier in Nottingham, providing company to company deliveries. We provide same day delivery services and we also accept pre-bookings for deliveries. As a local courier in Nottingham, we’re a trustworthy, close-knit company, able to offer you lower prices than larger couriers who operate on a national scale.

Multi Drop Delivery Driver Job Opportunity!

If you’re interested in working as a multi-drop delivery driver, please get in touch with Ace Nottingham Deliveries, for an exciting opportunity in a growing company.

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To hear more about our courier service, or the jobs we have on offer, get in touch with us today. You won’t find a more reliable courier in Nottingham.



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